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Sure, there are many do-it-yourself web design programs. But do you want to spend your valuable time finding and learning one? I can have your custom site online in just a few days.  Or maybe you've started a DIY site and are having trouble with it. Downsize Matters had a site I took over and then worked with the online interface for an improved look. See Recommendation. Since then, the owners and I worked to set up a WordPress site which allows for self-management - http://www.downsizematters.com

Cost is a major concern for most people looking for a new website or updates to an existing site, but a JW Webwork-designed site is a good investment. Source code is crafted for Search Engine Optmization (SEO) to help your site be found. Keeping up with the ever-changing world of web design and SEO strategies is my job. If your site is several years old, this critical area may not be up to date. Barnett's Bodyshop website was done in all image files so there was nothing for the search engines to READ. Here is the updated site.  Or maybe you need a very simple starter site that you can self-manage such as http://www.checkbookdaily.com

It's all about your internet presence:
I can advise you on Google adword buys and Bing  and Facebook advertising.  I keep up with new developments, such as YouTube channels which can show up in Search and lead to website traffic.Social media and blogging are free platforms which can effectively promote your business. Let me help you with those also.

Here is an example of the extensive online management I can do for you:  http://rentjackson.com/RentJackson_website.htm

Does your site need updating or a total change? I have the ability to make just needed updates to your site or to totally change it to your specifications. Perhaps you're unhappy with your site or it has a cookie cutter appearance. Pace Accounting represents an affordable renovation of an existing site into a more personalized and attractive site. I noted that Pace has a Certified QuickBooks ® ProAdviser on staff and followed up to get the permitted logo put on the site.

Have you thought of adding e-commerce to your business but have been hesitant due to the cost and complexity?  Let me guide you to a solution within your budget.

Take a look at my pricing page and let's discuss your website needs.  I am accessible and responsive, providing great service for updates and changes.

Jan Watson