Buy Local

“Buy local” benefits you as a business owner.  Lately, I’ve noticed wrong information on more than one site.  Upon mentioning a mistake to a business owner, I’ve heard something like,  “I asked for that change weeks ago.”     In choosing a designer or marketing company, ask about time frames for updates.   A mistake in hours of operation or an incorrect map could potentially cost you customers. As a small business person, I realize the critical nature of even small updates and have the ability to get them done quickly.  Additionally, I’ve run across websites where it is obvious the text was not written by a native speaker of American English, resulting in some odd phrasing which could be off-putting to your customers – another reason to buy local.

If you want to be able to make your own updates, I can set up a WordPress or other self-management site and help you learn it.  In the metro Jackson, Mississippi, area, we can arrange a face to face meeting.  Otherwise, I can work with you via phone, Skype, and Show My PC.

I can set up social media accounts and post for you.   Madison Cellars went from a few Facebook Likes to almost 2000 and growing.   I also blog for this store at   Maybe your business is conducive to having a YouTube channel, which is part of Google now.  This in turn can boost your store in search engine results.  Google Adwords are another area where I can assist, along with Google for Business.

Another aspect of owning a website is security, an area that may be overlooked.   Having me keep up with this area gives you one less worry.

Maybe you are tired of going through a contact maze for services.  Give me a call and speak directly to the designer.

Jan Watson